Pappu’s pizza break

“Mamma Mia, what’s the one thing we need to do to get UPA back on track?”

“Um, let’s see… I think we need to rebuild our base, Pappu.”

“Base? What’s base, Mamma?”

“Um, base… like base, you know… like pizza base… the people who like us, who would give us votes, they are the base…”

“Ah, I get you now… like pizza base… So you can make slices of it…”

“Exactly! That’s my boy. Your vacation has done your brain a load of good! Make slices and have as many pizza slices as you can. That’s building the base…”

“But how exactly do you build this base, Mamma?”

“Well, um, with toppings… throw in some nice toppings.”

“Ah, I get you… like strips of beef. I love beef covered in gooey, melted Italian cheese and maybe anchovies and mushrooms and rosemary and thyme, even caviar maybe?”

“Um… definitely not beef… the opposition cowboys will put us to pasture. Think vegetarian…”

“But cows are vegetarian, Mamma. Carnivores are non-vegetarian. And no one eats carnivores, eh Mamma?”

“No, no! No beef. Don’t even mention it. Think of paneer, tulsi leaves, olives maybe. A different flavour on every wedge.”

“Veg? Mamma, I’m not talking of pizza for cows. It’s pizza for people – like me and you.”

“Pappu… you don’t get it. Maybe the pizza example for building a base is not apt. It’s getting complicated…”

“Why do people think our examples are complicated? The farmers even found my very simple example of escape velocity complicated.”

“Don’t be stressed, Pappu. Let’s take another example of building a base. Um, let’s see… Think of the base as a platform…”

“Like a railway platform?”

“Um… no, just a platform… like a concrete platform. You have to build it.”

“But wouldn’t that be silly, building a concrete platform?”

“Oh dear! Why would it be silly, Pappu?”

“Even if you put the tastiest toppings on the concrete platform, how would anyone eat it? And how would you slice a concrete platform, Mamma Mia?”

“Ohhh! Let’s take a break from this, Pappu!”

“Cool. Mamma Mia. See you in a month or two after my break.”

– Dev Nadkarni